We provide an unmatched level of excellence in the design, installation and integration of CCTV Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm and Intercom.

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As security products continue to shift towards IP based solutions it is increasingly necessary to capitalize on network technology in order to benefit from the most advanced security technology on the market. Because NIT Infrastructure possesses a fundamental understanding of network infrastructure technology based on years of industry experience installing and servicing networks, we have been able to provide an unmatched level of excellence in the design, installation and integration of CCTV Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm and Intercom Systems as well as Intrusion detection, Sound Products and integrated systems. This includes security networks for commercial, government, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, educational and institutional applications throughout the North-eastern United States. NIT Infrastructure mobilizes its extensive expertise and experience in order to ensure that your business is outfitted with the most suitable, reliable and technologically advanced security system so that you can worry about business as usual without having to worry about the anxiety of unwanted intruders.

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Security CCTV Video Surveillance

We have experience working with the most cutting edge CCTV Security Camera Systems by GE, Pelco, Bosch, Sanyo, CBC, Integral, Axis, FLIR and IQinvision, Sony, Indigo Vision, Speco, Panasonic as well as many other major manufacturers. Our highly qualified CCTV technicians have experience working with the most advanced Video Content Analysis (VCA), IP and analogue cameras, DVRs and NVRs for both indoor and outdoor applications. With NIT Infrastructure your CCTV system will provide maximum surveillance, high definition and absolute reliability.

Monitoring Service

NIT Infrastructure now offers complete security system monitoring services. If your security system indicates a potential security threat the monitoring center will immediately contact your system administrator. In the case of an actual unauthorized intrusion the appropriate authorities will be contacted in order to ensure that the area is secured as quickly as possible.

Integrated Systems

We will send a fully licensed NIT Infrastructure security technician to your office in order to provide a custom security solution based on your own business security needs. Each aspect of your custom, fully integrated security system will be selected in order to best complement the next, with the ultimate goal of making your absolute security most suitable to your needs.