NIT Infrastructures has experience installing as well as servicing all of the major PBX telephone systems, including NEC, Toshiba, Nortel, and Avaya.

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NIT Infrastructure has partnered with a wide range of communication companies to offer an array of turnkey solution that enable partners to leverage the right product for the right customer. We are one of the few companies that plan, install, upgrade, integrate and service every aspect of both the cutting edge Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems and the more traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems as well as providing Hybrid Systems. Therefore, whether it is microcontrollers, cabling, telephone systems, trunk lines, consoles, Uninterruptible Power Supplies or Session Border Controllers, our qualified staff will help you choose the best possible combination of components in order to create a perfect voice network based on your company's needs and budgetary demands. More options mean NIT Infrastructure will provide you with the perfect voice/telephone solution for your business!

voice - VOIP and PBX


Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is the traditional telephone system that uses a microcontroller to distribute telephone service from a limited number of landlines to a greater number of users, without ever disrupting business. PBX provides a number of tried-and-true and generally extremely intuitive services such as voicemail, automated directory services, conference calling, busy override, night service and shared mailboxes. While this service is often more costly is often the most efficient option for many businesses.


By converting sound signal into a digital format, VOIP uses a computer network as a vehicle for communicating sound. With increasingly powerful application specific services emerging all the time, NIT Infrastructure's VOIP is not only the most technologically advanced communication system, but also provides a level of reliability and mobility that is unmatched in voice communication. What is more, unlike other "bring your own broadband" VOIP services, NIT Infrastructure's end-to-end managed network, with the introduction of VOIP Optimized Access, will prioritize voice traffic over data traffic to help provide high-quality, reliable voice service. With VOIP, your communications needs are hassle free, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Hybrid Systems

Elements of the PBX and VOIP systems can be married to serve your communication needs more fully. Because of our experience providing a range of VOIP/DSL as well as PBX network solutions, NIT Infrastructure is uniquely qualified to outfit your company with a hybrid voice or telephone network that employs elements of both systems in order to best serve your business.

Some of the services NIT Infrastructure offers for our VOIP customers:

  • Assessment of VOIP solutions including recommendations.
  • Upgrade an existing system.
  • VOIP for offices of any kind: our hosted VOIP option allows small offices to benefit from the advantages of a VOIP system without having to worry about purchasing or maintaining any of the equipment.
  • Our systems are always backed up by a secondary connection so that, even in the case of a problem with your T1 connection, you will never lose service.
  • Adjust the size of your VOIP system remotely to ensure your voice/telephone system develops with your company, without any disruption.
  • Business reporting tools and CRM integration, allowing businesses to gauge the success rates and the nature of business based on things like call-through rate and other phone-based activity.
  • Disaster plan for no electric services and no communication services to the office building